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We want Jason to win. Mass murdering monster, but he’s no bigot. (x)

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Group Of Fifth-Grade Boys Discover Pile Of Naked Ladies Discarded In Woods

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big dick is back in town

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"When I got my first cat, it changed me. There is something about holding a cat that makes your anger melt away. And if someone does something that upsets me—I have to remember my cat. I can’t keep my cat if I get into trouble.”

"I asked if Major Cabanaw had concerns for the safety of the cats. “Of course, we always want to ensure the safety of the cats, and the staff is great about keeping an eye out for them. But mostly, it’s the offenders keeping them safe. I have never once seen an offender kill his own cat. We screen them to be sure they have no history of animal abuse. But I’ll tell you this, there was a guy killed in here because he had spit soda pop onto someone else’s cat.”"


There’s a prison in Oklahoma that has a program going with inmates working with shelter dogs to train them and help get them adopted and just… animals in general help people SO much there needs to be more things like this out in the world.


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reblog if you are sorry ms. jackson and also are for real

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i love him

Drake is so great. 

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Dis cute lil’ shit. 

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